Blitz: The Only “Service With A Smile” Junk Removal With Recession-Friendly Rates In Vancouver, BC!

character-copyWondering how much our exceptional customer service will cost you? We’re happy to let you know that Blitz Junk Removal’s rates are *VERY COMPETITIVE* compared to the other junk removal services in Vancouver.

We understand that times are tough. But because we are a small company, we don’t have a huge overhead to worry about such as franchise fees. That’s how we are able to keep our rates competitive and offer the same type of customer service (if not better) as the 1-800 giants do!

*NEW* Single-Item Removals Starting At Just $39.95!

Blitz gives you an incredible bang for your buck if you just need a single small item removed from inside your home!

If you can arrange for the item to be curbside when we arrive (ie. we have easy access to the item from where we park our truck) we charge a low, flat-fee of just $39.95!

For heavier household items like couches, sofa beds, mattresses and box springs, washers and dryers, our curbside rates begin our curbside rates begin at the low price of just $60 (additional $20 for each additional mattress/box spring). But what about if the item is too heavy for you to haul out by yourself? No worries. We provide you with full-service beginning at $80. Considering that most junk removal companies have a minimum charge of $100 at the very least, these are incredible deals that you should definitely take advantage of today!

*NEW* Got Massive Volume? Then You Get Massive Savings!

While we already offer competitive rates when it comes to single-item removals, we are proud to say that Blitz REALLY shines when it comes to point-and-haul service on large volume orders! Take a look at the following price comparison chart and see how we compare with other junk removal companies in Vancouver:

604-Garbage Company 1-800-Garbage Company Blitz Junk Removal
1/3 load (7 cubic yards) $339.00 $350.00 $225.00
Full load (20 cubic yards) $549.00 $600.00 $500.00

The above prices are for typical residential loads like furniture, appliances, garbage and other general household items. Got concrete, drywall, paint, insulation and other sorts of renovation debris? Give us a call and ask for a quote!

*ADDITIONAL INFORMATION AND FULL DISCLOSURE* Please note that the above prices are ESTIMATES. Blitz Junk Removal reserves the right to give a more accurate quotation based on the overall difficulty of the job ie. items are heavier than usual, narrow doorways and staircases, etc. In all cases, you will be given a final estimate upon our arrival on-site and you have the option to choose whether to proceed or not.

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You Pay By The Volume And Not On How Long We Take!

Here’s a secret: some companies charge by the amount of time it takes for them to haul and load your scrap items in their trucks – and often with a 2 hour minimum charge. The longer they take to haul your stuff, the better for them — and they WILL intentionally go slow.

But not Blitz. We charge by the volume and not by the amount of time it takes to haul your junk. That means that you don’t pay more if we end up being slow workers – it is actually in our best interests to work as fast as we can!

You Get Free, No-Obligation, No-Pressure Consultations With Blitz!

With Blitz it is completely free to have us stop by and give you a reasonable estimate of how much the job will cost! In addition to the base estimate that we provide you with over the phone, we provide you with a more accurate estimate when we arrive at your residence. Of course, this is a no-obligation estimate based on the actual items that we see — if you are unsatisfied with the price (we highly doubt you will be), we will walk away with no bad feelings.

“Why can’t you give me the FINAL price before you arrive on-site?”

Our pricing is dependent on a lot of factors — junk location, size of items, method of disposal, etc. It will be impossible for us to give an exact quote before seeing the actual junk items first. We will do our best to give you a base estimate over the phone, and we give you an exact quote after we carefully examine your scrap items as soon as we arrive on site.

Remember, it is completely FREE to have one of our men arrive on-site and assess the situation to give you a more accurate quote on how much the job is going to cost.

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